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Are you the Hostess?

The job of hosting the bridal shower usually falls on the Maid or Matron of Honor. Though this is no longer a rule. Today’s shower etiquette has relaxed somewhat when it comes to who is expected to host the shower.

Whomever it is she has a lot of work ahead of her. Here are a few helpful tips to get the party started.

Party Planning

Planning a bridal shower can be a lot of hard work. When you are asked to host the shower it is important to be aware of what requirements are being placed on you.

The role of hostess is one of honor based on a long and time honored tradition. Great. But what does that mean? The parties we celebrate today don’t have a lot in common with their source. Today we associate the event with parties. With silly games. And with

But when do you plan the celebration? Eight weeks in advance is a good target to have. It may vary in one direction or the other but aim for two months before the wedding.

For many this can be a tricky:

1.) When is the bride to be free?

Is the guest of honor in high demand? This will be one of the biggest hurdles if you are planning a surprise party. Otherwise you will be able to talk to the bride and see when things work the best for her.

2.) When are the guests able to attend?

One of the questions you need to answer as soon as possible is, “how many guests will be attending?” The larger the guest list is the sooner you will need to begin making preparations. If many of the guests work during the day you might want to consider hosting the event in the evening. If that doesn’t work plan for a weekend. Guest list containing more than twenty attendees should be considered large.

3.) Couples shower?

This can be even more demanding. Now you have to schedule twice as many guests. It’s almost like planning the actual wedding. Albeit more casual.


Have you given any thought to the theme? Many showers today are focused on a theme that is near to the guest of honor’s heart.

Is she taking a trip to Hawaii for the honeymoon? A tropical or luau theme might be just the thing. Wine and roses? Whatever her tastes planning the day around that theme only succeeds in making it that much more special.

It Shows…

I. That you know her well
II. That you have made the effort to make her day special
III. And it helps the guests feel like they are part of the event, not just party guests

Make sure to include games that fit with the theme.

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